Tales of Monkey Island

By LucasArts & Telltale Games


The game manipulations can be either keyboard or mouse.

To move:    Use the keyboard WASD keys or click-hold-drag the mouse.

To run:    Press the shift key or right click while walking.

Inventory:     Use the Tab key or I key or click the scroll wheel or middle mouse button to open the inventory. You can also move the cursor to right side of the screen to bring out the inventory panel.

To examine an item, select an item and then click on the magnifying lens at top left.

To combine, place the items on the spaces at left and then click the + at the middle.

The space bar pauses the game.

ESC key opens the menu.

The main menu has save & load, new game, settings, quit and resume game.

The settings option has hint frequency, pop up text and subtitles.


Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God

Walkthrough by MaGtRo & Team Waxman

December 2009

Guybrush is dead:

Guybrush is at the gateway to the underworld. Click on the dirt two or three times. See that you have dirt and a shred of life in your inventory.

Try to talk to the dog.

Obtain money for the ferry:

Go to the ferryman at the docks. Talk to him. The ferry costs 2 gold coins.

The ferry is very clean. After talking to him, use the dirt on the boat. While the ferryman is distracted, take money out of the tip jar.

Go to the grog machine and get grog. Distract him again with dirt on the boat and again take money from the tip jar.

Go back to the grog machine; this time use the money from the tip jar on the slot and press change to get two gold coins.

Give the coins to the ferryman. Guybrush is ferried to the crossroad but the ferryman disappeared.

Learn about the spell:  

When you get to the crossroads, Galeb takes a picture of Guybrush.

Talk to Galeb completely. Discover how LeChuck got out of the underworld. He used a spell.

Check the circle at the center of the crossroads.

Find the scroll:

Go back to the boat. A map pops up.

Sword fighting area:    Go to the sword fighting area.

Go up to the second floor and then click on the mast to get to the top.

Talk to Morgan.  She is depressed.

Meet the swordfighter guardian. Get the ghostly sword from the swordfighter's head.

Use the sword on Morgan to engage in insult sword fighting with her and the swordsman. In the fight, select dialogue that encourages Morgan and at the same time insults the swordsman.

…Barely lift sword (Morgan); Foul smell (swordsman). In some ways, you're better than me.

…marathon runner (Morgan); nobody draws blood (swordsman). You run that fast.

called greatest pirate hunter (Morgan); want to puke (swordsman). Bet people say that about you all the time.

…trained by the great swordsman…  (Morgan); Dog is smart (swordsman). He must have taught you everything you know.

When Morgan has regained her confidence, she beats the swordsman and becomes the new swordsman guardian.

Exit the area by going down the boom.

Treasure hunting area:  Return to the boat and go to the treasure hunting area.

Talk to the treasure hunter.

You can dig at an "X" spot if you want, but only get baby pyrite parrots.

Go to the sign and click on the skull and crossbones to get a bone.

Gateway:    Use the boat to go to the gateway.

Pick up the tip jar.

Go to the dog and give him the bone. Franklin the dog goes into inventory.

Thieves den:    Go to thieves' den.

Explore by clicking on some of the items. Pick up LeChuck's smelly sock.

Talk to the thief and use the dialog that will distract him ("Look over there!"). Try to steal something from one of the piles.

The thief says that you have to leave. Check your inventory and see that the item you took was stolen back.

Treasure hunting area:  Go to the treasure hunting area.

Combine LeChuck's sock with the dog in inventory.

Click the dog on the ground full of Xs. The dog runs away.

Crossroad:    Go back to the crossroads.

See Franklin facing Galeb. Hmm…

Talk to Galeb. Give him money to buy the Guybrush’s spirit photo.

Use LeChuck’s sock on Galeb.  Galeb will move back and the dog digs up the chest. How can we open the chest?

Thieves den:    Go to thieves' den.

Use the chest on the thief. He opens the chest and steals the scroll/spell from you.

Get the scroll:   Distract the thief by saying there's something behind him.

Use the dog with the scrolls. Click on the scrolls to give instructions to the dog to hide.

Steal something from one of the other piles and the thief escorts you out.

Treasure hunting area:  Go to the treasure hunting area.

See Franklin at the treasure hunting area. Use him on the ground full of Xs to dig up the scroll/spell.

Prepare the spell:

Read the spell. Learn that you need a guide, anchor, courage and sacrifice.

Anchor:    While at the treasure hunting area, talk to the treasure hunter. Ask him how to treasure hunt and pick up the jeweled anchor while he's demonstrating his expertise with a shovel.

Go to the sword fighting area and talk to Morgan about the items for the spell.

Go to the crossroads and put the grog from grog machine at the gateway (courage), Franklin the dog (guide), and anchor from treasure hunting area in the center circle.

Go back to Morgan at the sword fighting area. Ask Morgan about the sacrifice part of the spell. Keep talking to her until she goes with Guybrush to the crossroads.

At the crossroad, Morgan sacrifices her own shred of reputation. Morgan cannot go through the rip that opened and is left behind.

LeChuck and his demon bride:

LeChuck sails here to open the entrance to the crossroads.

Guybrush drops out of the crossroads and opens it. La Esponja Grande that LeChuck threw is activated at the crossroad.

He becomes the Demon Pirate God and now has unlimited source of voodoo power. Guybrush is held at bay by LeChuck’s skeletal men.

LeChuck will use the Cutlass of Kaflu to kill the Voodoo Lady that controlled his life and Guybrush. In deep thought, Elaine asks LeChuck to make her his demon bride. Plunder bunny... NO!

LeChuck throws the Cutlass of Kaflu on the main mast. Try to take the sword from the mast. Guybrush being dead cannot take the sword. Elaine says that the sword destroys anything it touches in the mortal world.

Elaine sprays Guybrush with voodoo root beer.

Morgan’s pep talk:

Guybrush is sent back to the afterlife. Morgan talks Guybrush to doing the Guybrush thing. He plans to use the cutlass to kill LeChuck. To do so, he needs his body. He needs the voodoo lady’s locket. Morgan leaves.

Get back to Guybrush's body:

Instructions from the Voodoo Lady:

Go to the sword fighting area.

Crabs congregate before Guybrush. The Voodoo Lady talks through the crabs.

Find the body! She says he needs to repossess his body. But getting into his body is not enough; he has to permanently bind the body with the soul. He needs MixnMojo. She had some spirit gum when she was in jail.

Find Guybrush's body:

Go up to the top and see that Morgan is gone.

Go through the rip in the sword fighting area.

Club 41:    At Club 41, see Guybrush's body holding the dart board. Look above the corpse and see a barrel of root beer.

Talk to Grindstump and Bugeye. Look at the monkey on the chandelier. He's still hypnotized.

Try to exit and realize you cannot open the door. Enter through the rip again.

Find the Voodoo Lady's locket:

Go to gateway and see Galeb. Talk to Galeb and learn how to close the rip. Guybrush has to sacrifice his shred of life and it will close. But LeChuck will be free to do what he wants on the other side.

Manatee mating ground:    Go through the rip at left.

Talk to Winslow completely. Click on the pile of rocks and paper on the raft to learn about his new game.

Check the hypnotized monkey on the mast.

The locket was at DeCava's ship the last it was used. Jump into the ocean.

See DeCava's wreck on the ocean floor. Check things but they cannot be taken.

See the locket at top of swaying seaweed.

Click on the clam beside the seaweed. Walk away from clam and see a bubble escape.

Anemone:    Go right to the cave. Anemone, the merperson is hiding in the cave. She's afraid to come out because of LeChuck. Find out her relationship with Winslow. She'll come out for Winslow.

Swim to the left until the shipwreck. Swim to the surface by clicking on 'exit' hotspot by the shipwreck.

Get the Voodoo Lady's locket:

Manatee mating ground:    Talk to Winslow about Anemone. He wrote a haiku for Anemone and wrapped it in a rock. He drops it in the ocean.

Dive back down and tell Anemone that Winslow has written to her.

She swims out and picks up the rock-haiku. She swims back to cave and produces a current that sways the seaweed that has the locket closer to the clam.

As soon as you have control, go to and click on the giant clam. Then walk away from it as soon as you can.

The clam reopens and the water bubble goes into the fabric with the locket caught into it. It rises up to the surface. Guybrush automatically follows it up as Winslow reclaims the locket.

Repossess Guybrush's body:   

After the talk with Winslow, he puts the locket on the crossbar of the raft. Take the spirit photo out of inventory and click it on the locket.

Ask Winslow to press the locket button.

Club 41:    Guybrush is back at Club 41 and in his body, though he looks like a zombie. Talk to Grindstump and Bugeye. Bugeye punches Guybrush outside his body and be with Winslow.

Ask Winslow to push the button again. Talk to Grindstump and or Bugeye again. This time choose "I surrender'. Grindstump takes you to jail.

Jail:    Look around. Click on the loose brick on the back wall of Guybrush's cell. Get Buyeye's diary, which

Guybrush reads.

If you have time, click on things in the next cell: gums on the sill, a mug on the sill and a poster on the wall. Guybrush can't reach them.

Guybrush's body rejects him and he's back on the raft with Winslow.

Bind to Guybrush's body:   

Sword fighting area:    Go to the sword fighting area and go through the rip to Club 41.

Club 41:    Talk to Bug Eye. Now that his diary has been read, ask him how he got out of the manatee. Select dialogue "he slipped out with the tongue". Then select "he rode a mer-person to Flotsam". He asks if you are mocking him. You must duplicate his facial expression -- Stinky, Tweaking and Meanie. Click on go.

Bugeye loses his temper and punches Guybrush again. But as a ghost, his punch connected to Grindstump and Grindstump takes Bug Eye to jail.

Manatee mating ground:    Return through the rip to the sword fighting area and take the boat back to the gateway and step through the rip to Winslow and the raft.

Ask Winslow to click on the locket.

Jail    Once back in Guybrush's corpse, talk to Grindstump as a zombie and surrender again. You'll end up in jail, but in the other cell.

Take-click on the mug as quickly as you can.

If you have time, click on the gum on the window sill, the gum stalactite hanging from the top of the window and the poster. (The mug is the only thing you need at this point, but the other stuff is fun if you have time.) Guybrush's corpse will reject him again.

Club 41:    You're at the gateway. Take the boat to the sword fighting area and step through the rip as a ghost into Club 41.

Click on Guybrush's corpse again and click on the mug that he now holds in his hand.

Talk to Grindstump to scare him. Use any face and he throws the dart but misses the dart board and hits the barrel instead. Root beer flows into the mug the corpse is holding. Click on the mug full of rootbeer for Guybrush's comment.

Go back through the rip; return to the gateway and the raft. Ask Winslow to push the locket button.

Guybrush returns to his corpse and puts the mug of root beer into inventory.

Talk to Grindstump and surrender again.

Jail:    Once in jail, take the mug of root beer out of inventory and click it on the gum on the windowsill. Guybrush pours the root beer over the gum and eats a piece. His corpse will no longer reject his ghost, so he can function as a zombie without having to leave his body.

Click on the poster on the wall of the cell and go through the hole.

The confrontation:   

Guybrush is now a bona fide zombie. Guybrush confronts LeChuck. Elaine stalks Guybrush with the dreaded Cutlass of Kaflu.

His friends arrive in time. Guybrush was pushed back to the afterlife by LeChuck.

Diet of the senses:

The hook and Elaine's ring are now in inventory.

Learn the spell:

Guybrush realizes that one way to stop LeChuck's influence on Elaine is to shrink the sponge. He needs someone who can help him reverse the sponge spell. Who have we spoken to who claims to know a lot about spells? Galeb!

Caleb:    Return to the gateway and talk to Galeb. Learn that the rips are due to LeChuck's finding and using the Monkeys of Montevideo to find the crossroad. That weakened the fabric of the worlds.

He shows you the reversal spell: Diet of the senses. Apply directly to sponge.

First sense - Sight:

Like a sponge, are you bloated in your hips and thighs,

block out the SIGHT with cover for your eyes.

Club 41:    Go to sword fighting area and through the rip.

Take the blindfold at right end of bar.

Go to the rip. LeChuck shows up to push Guybrush back through the rip.

Second sense - Sound:

The smallest mouth snacks on a tiny whispered word,

a SOUND so petite it is barely heard.

Manatee mating ground:    Go to gateway and through the rip.

Dive down to the ocean and take the fishnet in front of the bones.

Swim to the left until the shipwreck. Swim to the surface by clicking on 'exit' hotspot by the shipwreck.

You can also pick up the deodorant Winslow left on the raft. Go through the rip.

Treasure hunting area: Go to Treasure hunting area.

Click to dig on any X mark on the ground. See the baby pyrite parrots.

They fly back to the sign at right.

Approach the sign carefully. If Guybrush gets too close, the parrots fly away. If this happens just dig some more.

Click the fishnet on the parrots to capture them. In inventory combine the parrots with the tip jar.

Third sense - Touch:

A light TOUCH for an appetizer, stay true and thrive,

a delicate feather, plucked from a bird half-alive!

Go through the rip at treasure hunting area.

Talk to the formerly dead seagull. It is the Voodoo Lady. To complete reanimation out of being a zombie, the soul must be compelled to reanimate itself. It is out of the Voodoo Lady's realm.

Pick up the seagull feather on the ground near the seagull.

Click on the hypnotized monkey.

Check the treasure chest. Use Guybrush's hook on the chest. The Voodoo Lady says that the item in the chest is how LeChuck came close to Elaine. It helped gained Elaine's trust. Guybrush picks up LeChuck's buckle
Go back through the rip
-- LeChuck will probably show up to give Guybrush a push.

Fourth sense - Sixth Sense:

Your SIXTH SENSE is bloated with fates not yet dealt,

you'll find that a Secret will help tighten your belt.

Take the boat to the thieves' den.

Use the buckle on the thief. The voodoo spell on the buckle makes him trust Guybrush.

Click on the Secret box, and the thief lets Guybrush take it.

Check inventory and note that the thief stole the charm buckle.

Fifth sense - Smell:

Fight the SMELL of the after dinner treat,

eliminate odor and the urge to eat.

If you haven't taken it yet; go to gateway and through the rip.

Take the deodorant from the raft. Go through the rip again.

Sixth Sense - Taste:

To keep off the weight you need food with no flavor,

find a TASTE so bland there is nothing to savor.

Take the boat to the sword fighting area and step through the rip to return to Club 41.

Surrender to Grindstump again to get thrown in jail.

Click on the gum stalactite hanging on top of the bars.

Go through the hole-escape tunnel, which this time leads back to Club 41.

Step through the rip -- LeChuck will probably show up to give Guybrush a push.

Shrink the sponge:

You now have all the ingredients for the spell.

Take the boat back to the crossroads.

Check La Esponja Grande.

Click the following on La Esponja Grande (order doesn't seem to matter): gum, blindfold, feather, deodorant, secret, jar of parrots.


LaEsponja Grande shrinks and Guybrush falls down on to LeChuck's ship.

Elaine is back to herself. Winslow and his merfriends attack LeChuck.

Elaine runs the cutlass through LeChuck. LeChuck throws Guybrush back to the rip.

Morgan runs her sword through LeChuck. She says that a way must be found to keep LeChuck both in the mortal and spirit realm.

The final fight: 

The ending extravaganza has a sequence of timed actions that repeat again and again if you aren't fast enough the first time. So you'll continually have a chance to click on what you need to do next.

You start out in the crow's nest part of the mast. Use the hook on the mainsail to go down to the deck or let LeChuck punch you to the deck of the ship.

Talk to Elaine who is fighting off the skeleton men - 'fight LeChuck'.

LeChuck ties you to a rope and keelhauls you. As you go underwater, Elaine attacks LeChuck, giving you a couple of seconds to click on the keys held by the skeleton under the ship.

LeChuck will punch to the quarters and back up to the crow's nest. Use the hook on the mainsail or rope to slide down the sail, leaving a big rent in it or let LeChuck punch you to the deck of the ship.

Use the keys on the locked gate/grog barrel container, which frees the barrels of grog.

LeChuck keelhauls Guybrush again and then smashes him into a door. Click to pick up the door and use it on the loose barrel just beside the door.

LeChuck eventually punches you back up to the crow's nest again. Use the hook on the rope that goes from the crow's nest back toward the wheel part of the ship. Guybrush will swing down the rope and then drop onto another part of the ship.

Look at the rip in the sky and Guybrush would want to go there.

Click on the giant cannon directly beneath your current position. LeChuck punches you down to the deck.

You should now be close to the broken door on the barrel. Ask Elaine to light the cannon.

Click on the broken door, which has become a seesaw. Guybrush walks onto the door and LeChuck lands on the other part of the seesaw. If you have previously asked Elaine to light up the cannon, Guybrush launches himself into the crossroads.

(If you miss your chance or aren't quite quick enough at the above actions, LeChuck will eventually punch you back up to the crow's nest. You should again use the hook on the rope, wait for LeChuck to punch you down to the deck, ask Elaine to fire the cannon, and then step onto the broken door.)

Close the rip.

Guybrush wakes up at the crossroads. Morgan attacks LeChuck. Morgan mentions again to find a way to trap LeChuck between the worlds.

Use the shred of life from inventory on the rip.

After the cutscene, use the ring on the center of the crossroads.

It is worth waiting through the credits to see the final cutscene.


What's in the jar?

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